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Divorce attorney

Effective protection of assets and representation of interests at the end of marriage Even if the marriage is intended for life, in many cases it is terminated prematurely by divorce. Apart from the often high emotional expenditure divorces raise a multiplicity of complex legal questions. These concern both assets (gain, pension compensation, maintenance) and joint children (custody, right of access). Legal services around the topic of divorce. Their divorce lawyers, specialist lawyers and tax advisors are available to you at their offices in Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso in the event of a divorce for all questions and problems arising and represent your interests in and out of court. Strategic advice in the event of separation prior to divorce Examination and assistance in obtaining the prerequisites for divorce Filing divorce petitions Consensual divorces Conducting disputed divorces Draft divorce (follow up) agreements If the assets of the spouses include business assets, i.e. a company or an interest in a company, you will find further information here: Divorce at company/business. If you're looking for a Santa Ana family law firm, call Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso.